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Traditional ceremonies still play a big part in the lives of the people of Milne Bay. Ceremonies to mark marriages, land compensation, traditional festivals and peace ceremonies are performed as part of daily life. Planning for a ceremony usually begins three to six months in advance while in some cases planning commences up to twelve months before the big event. Pigs to be exchanged during the ceremony are raised and fattened and extra food gardens are cleared and planted to ensure a plentiful supply of food to feed the many people who are expected to attend from other tribal areas. In the days just before the event men go fishing and hunting to stock up on fish, wild pig and cassowary.

On the day of the ceremony men and women are dressed in traditional attire and depending upon the occasion perform solemn rituals. Conch shells and shell money called "Bagi" is given and received by all parties during ceremonies to mark weddings, adoptions, peace making and traditional "Kula" trade.

Hagita Secondary School and Cameron National High Schools host bi-annual culture shows. Cameron National High School will be held 25th and 26th July while Hagita Secondary School 29th August and 30th August 2008. As is custom, prior to joining in the celebrations, each group of students build a traditional dressing house. The traditional houses are made to resemble the original dwellings of their ancestors and are decorated in traditional colours. Students dress in customary atire for the shows.

In order to keep their heritage and values live the selected Kings and Queens test their subjects knowledge of traditional culture and give praise to the students who have a good understanding of their heritage, this promotes discussion and hopefully continues these values for the future despite the encroachment of western civilisation.

Milne bay is somewhat unique in Papua New Guinea in that the majority of communities within the province are matrilineal and the land is handed down from generation to generation through the women. The women own the land and traditionally strong matriarchal figures preside over decisions of how land is to be used and who will have access to it. As a result women in Milne Bay are greatly respected by the men who continue to pay due respect to them through traditional ceremonies especially in relation to weddings and land usage.


What does it cost? The local currency in Papua New Guinea is the Kina (K). At current exchange rates K3 are equivalent to $1 US.
Daily exchange rates can be found on Bank of South Pacific website www.bsp.com.pg on exchange page
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