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Milne Bay - Papua New Guinea
From the Treetops to Ocean Depths Stunning Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea, Backpacker friendly!
Ulumani - Treetops Rainforest Lodge has a unique range of Flora and Fauna Blessed with unexploited jungle birds such as Bird of Paradise flourish and allow fantastic photo opportunities for those willing to spend time in their habitat.
No Day Trip visitors are allowed and will not be taken to the bird watchers site at anytime of the day.
Only guests from Ulumani - Rainforest Lodge who are staying at the lodge will arrange an early 5:00am trip to the site for a unique experience in your life time if you have never seen a bird of Paradise live in your life. The trip takes you on 30 mins depends on the weather if the rivers are not flooding. The birds are up at early dawn for a play and feed and late evening if some visitors prefer to visit at 5:00pm. Two local names for bird of paradise are named as (Hieai or Koka) which they have named some of the sites using the local language.

Things to bring along with you, your mosquito spray, hiking boots, black long sleeve and black long pants due to mosquitoes in the site and if it is raining your black rain coat would be great to keep you dry in the rainforest plus the birds will be around with this clothes then you can have a long exciting time watch the birds play. No Color clothes should be worn to the site as the birds don't stay around once they see bright colors in the rainforest. They will not come out to play if they notice your bright clothes.

What does it cost? The local currency in Papua New Guinea is the Kina (K). At current exchange rates K3 are equivalent to $1 US.
Daily exchange rates can be found on Bank of South Pacific website www.bsp.com.pg on exchange page
Daily flights from Brisbane with Qantas & Air Niugini
Brisbane - Port Moresbay 1300 miles - 3 hours flight
Daily flights from Cairns with Qantas & Air Niugini
Cairns - Port Moresby 524 miles - 1 hour 25 minutes flight
Daily flights from Port Moresbay with Qantas & Air Niugini
Port Moresby - Alotau 223 miles - 1 hour flight
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