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Milne Bay - Papua New Guinea
Paradise like no other is on your doorstep
Boat day trips from Wagawaga bay. The lodge boat with our experienced crew will take you along the southern arm of Milne bay. Steep forest covered slopes rise almost from the waters edge to the tops of the line of ranges that form the eastern most tip of the Owen Stanley mountain range. Villages dot the foreshore. Food garden clearings rise steeply behind the villages while the flat land close to the shore is planted with coconuts. Forty minutes by boat from Wagawaga the line of hills is broken by the outflow of the Dawadawa river into Milne Bay.
Take a gentle cruise up the river and be enchanted by the majesty and grandeur of the forest covered slopes that plunge almost vertically into the dark tea coloured waters of the river.
No logger's axe or chainsaw has touched this pristine wilderness. Giant rose wood, kwila and teak cover the slopes. White and black cockatoos and colourful parrots can be seen crisscrossing the river. The characteristic sound of hornbills can often be heard before they are seen as they traverse high along the valley sides. Birdwing butterflies float through the clearings along the edges of the river.

Children slowly paddle dugout canoes piled high with produce from some distant garden in a forest clearing. The pace of life at Dawadawa, like the timeless quality of the forest is slow and deliberate. Here people live in harmony with the natural environment far from the influences of western life. They hunt, fish, make gardens, obtain their medicines and construct their dwellings from the resources provided by the bountiful forest which is all around them.

What does it cost? The local currency in Papua New Guinea is the Kina (K). At current exchange rates K3 are equivalent to $1 US.
Daily exchange rates can be found on Bank of South Pacific website www.bsp.com.pg on exchange page
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Daily flights from Port Moresbay with Qantas & Air Niugini
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